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I own a number of Body Solid machines and was looking to add a lat machine. I was hesitant to purchase after reading a few of the reviews. So happy that I decided to purchase. While the instructions do leave a bit to be desired (I was able to put together in about 1.5 hours) everything else was beyond expectations. I love this machine, my kids use it all the time and my wife uses it for leg exercises. For the price, could have spent 3 or 4 times the price, you will not find a better lat machine with added bonus of tricep extensions, leg exercises, etc. And I can honestly say that BodySolid has the best customer service I have ever dealt with. other companies may claim to stand behind their products, until something goes wrong, BodySolid has always been there and I find that amazing. So happy to have come across this company and will never buy any exercise equipment from anyone else. Thank you

Die VLP-156X ist die perfekte Home Gym Beinpresse. Aufgrund der geringen Maße findet sich fast in jedem Home Gym Platz. Die Qualität ist wie bei allen Body-Solid Produkten sehr hoch.

"The VLP-156X is the perfect home gym leg press machine. Due to the small dimensions, there is space in almost every home gym. As with all Body-Solid products, the quality is very high."

Das PPR-200X ist ein sehr solides Power Rack. In dieser Preiskategorie findet man kaum so ein stabiles und hochwertig verarbeitetes Power Rack.

Den kompletten Test findest du auf <a target="_blank" href=""></a>

Der GCEC-340 ist ein Beinstrecker mit sehr hoher Qualität. Die solide Verarbeitung verzeiht auch ein schweres Training. Und durch das hohe Eigengewicht, steht das Gerät ebenfalls sehr stabil.

Den vollen Testbericht kannst du hier lesen:

Der GLM83 ist der perfekte Latzug für das Home Gym. Die hohe Qualität gewährleistet genügend Stabilität auch für hohe Lasten. Die Polsterung ist wie bei allen Body-Solid Produkten ebenfalls von sehr hoher Qualität.

Mein vollständiges Review findet ihr hier:

German Review:
Es handelt sich hierbei um einen tollen Latzug, den ich mittlerweile schon 5 Jahre im Home Gym nutze. Die sehr hohe Qualität der Verarbeitung spricht für sich. Daher gebe ich dem Gerät hier volle 5 Punkte!

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Worktime Athletics in Colorodo features several Body-Solid SPR1000 Power Racks chained together to form an impressive power rack rig system.

“I am pleased with the (Body-Solid) equipment,” said Jai Jackson. “So much so I purchased more recently!”

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The Baltimore Sun named the Body-Solid Vinyl Kettlebells their Best of the Year.

"The cast-iron set is coated in vinyl to minimize floor damage and sound. Weight is clearly marked on each piece. The handles are wide enough for most people to use both hands, which means you can do more exercises."

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“The sturdy alloy frame won’t sway during HIIT workouts, endurance sessions and everything in-between. It supports users up to 330 pounds, which is more than most in this price range.”
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I love my half rack and all of the attachments. It fits perfectly in my garage and has a very sleek look,” said Brice. “My clients love using the squat rack as well and are getting great results.


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