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Great arm machine. The angle of the pad causes not elbow pain. The movement is smooth. The seat is adjustable. You can sit sideways and do one arm curls. By far, my favorite bench from any gym.

Very heavy duty. Pulleys are smooth in operation. Just what you expect in a gym quality machine. Looks great.

Con. All holes did not line up with the brackets. The DP decal shows front left panel and mind was left "rear" panel. Panels are metal and rings like tin.


Recently the SLM300 was reviewed by 

This is by far the most accessible, commercial, dual-station lat tower on the market.”

“The SLM300G is a very reasonably-priced option with a lot of available weight and a small footprint.”


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Recently the SLM300 was reviewed by 

This is by far the most accessible, commercial, dual-station lat tower on the market.”

“The SLM300G is a very reasonably-priced option with a lot of available weight and a small footprint.”


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I'm a bit disappointed on how things turned out. It looks sturdy, but the seat is off. The seat is off on an angle. It's not in perfect condition as I hoped for. The welds aren't perfect either.
I guess that's what you get with a cheap quality bench. I should've spent a little more and got a better quality bench.


The R300 is an absolutely legit rower that performs similarly to other higher-priced rowers. The monitor is easy to read, easy to use, and it applies the same math as the Concept 2 to calculate critical performance metrics. The handle is superior to the Xebex and largely on par with the Concept 2. The chain movement is very fluid, which leaves you feeling very connected with the flywheel. Price-wise, the R300 is tough to beat at this level of quality. Body-Solid is offering an outstanding warranty program on the rower. Aesthetically, it’s a very nice looking rower. I like the gear design of the flywheel casing.

 The full review is available at

Had a few hiccups in the beginning and was ready to send the unit back. Called for help and the 1st guy sent told me the cables were the wrong size. 2nd guy was much more knowledgeable about the unit. Lorne was able to get the proper cables and other parts needed and now the unit is functioning as it should. Able to perform quite a range of exercises just wish it had a chart on what you can do exactly.

This product arrived on a triple length pallet. They brought it right to my garage. The packaging was beautifully done and no damage from shipping. Once I unpacked and strategically placed the parts, I began the process of building. Which I must say, after reading the reviews I was a bit worried.

I broke out the manual and was surprised to see that everything was very well described and each step was written very carefully as to labeling and what parts were needed for each step. If you follow the directions this is so easy. My 12 year old was able to understand... It took all of 4 hours to build and the end result was beautiful.

The machine works great and is very smooth in motion on all stations. I'm excited to get to my weekly routines on this professional piece of equipment.

If you are mechanically challenged or have a hard time following instructions on a step by step build, I suggest calling somebody to assemble.

I have 0 complaints on shipping and assembly and would highly recommend this purchase for anyone looking to install a home gym. My only problem is one of the Shaft Collars (32) was stripped and the set screw doesn't tighten. I'm hoping I can get one shipped immediately as I don't want any accidents.

I recently received my EXM3000LPS system a few days ago. As with other reviews, the build took a long time and some parts you'll need a second pair of hands putting in place.

Delivery was great! Everything comes wrapped up on a pallet. Total box count was about 15 (8 of them being the weight plates). This was very nice as two people could easily transport from driveway to assembly room easily.

Assembly is pretty straight forward with multiple blown-out images of what parts go where. No too dissimilar from a factory assembly manual you buy for cars. The worst part of assembly, is laying out all of the parts to make sure everything made it to you. The big parts have colored stickers to eliminate confusion, which is nice. However, all the bolts, washers, and nuts come in big bags all mixed together. There must be 10 different bolts, washers, and nuts (each). I spent two hours organizing/labeling the parts to assure I had everything and be ready for assembly.

If I could, I'd recommend Body Solid put bolts, washers, and nuts mixed together but in color coded bags so you know what to grab when working on a section of the system.

Also, multiple views of each section of the gym system for assembly would be helpful. You might see some pieces labeled x3, get through 2, and not know with confidence where that third part is to be assembled. This happened to me at the top pulley assembly for the pec fly/rear delt section.

Take your time, don't rush the assembly, and you'll be left with a very nice piece of equipment that will last you a long time.

Total Time for assembly: roughly 10 hours by myself with the occasional help from the wife where two sets of hands were required.

The PowerLine PPR200X is a fantastic power rack for most people. It’s supported by a solid brand in terms of PowerLine by Body-solid and is extremely good value for the money.

It offers a 600lb weight capacity, solid build quality, good stability, and a basic set of attachments, including dip bars and lat attachment.

I never felt unsafe working out on it after months of use and it’s holding up really well. My favorite part of this rack is the wide walk-in design that offers great lateral movement.

It also offers a nice design and great warranty. This is a great power rack if you are starting out your home gym.

The only caveats about this power rack that I would mention are the poor paint job on the liftoffs and the safeties and the weight capacity. The weight capacity doesn’t bother me too much because I’m not that strong. The paint issues can be mitigated using foam padding and tape.

Overall, this is an extremely well-rounded rack and provides great bang for the buck.

For a more detailed assessment, you can read my full Powerline PPR200X review. I also cover this power rack in my list of best power rack reviews.


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