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Recently bought this as an addition to my G5S - very pleased. Fantastic for leg/calf presses. Same commercial grade construction. Easily assembled (compared to the G5S). The 2X leverage means the 210lb weight stack feels like 420lb ... more than enough weight!

Note: You can attach this leg press on either the left or right hand side! (Also, the G5S can only support one add-on as there is only one tie-in to the existing weight stack.)

Bought this G5S a couple of months ago and recently added the leg press GLP attachment. Thoroughly impressed with the quality of the components and overall equipment. This is definitely commercial grade equipment. Very pleased with my purchase.

Also very happy with the service - which is good as they promise. Real live people to speak and they delivered on their warranty promise. I had a couple of odds and ends that either were missing, and in 2 cases, broke during assembly (imagine a big monkey with a large hammer and a few hundred parts). Body Solid happily and quickly shipped the replacement parts. No cost, no fuss. Happy customer.

I shopped extensively for a home gym and through tireless experience and comparison chose the G3S by Body Solid. One of my concerns was the availability of a 210 lb. weight stack. The G3S is a 160 lb. machine but can be increased to 210 lb. by purchasing the SP50 which is an extra 5 plates. The G3S comes with enough labels to label up to 210 lbs. of plates. The gym arrived in 6-7 boxes on a skid. Three large boxes and 4 small boxes containing the weight plates. Assembly takes better part of a day followed by tuning. The instruction manual is excellent. This gym is awesome, I love it. I gave up my Olympic bench and weights and purchased this machine so my wife would also be able to work out. She loves it which is a great relief. It looks awesome in the work out room and I find myself gravitating to it all of the time to exercise.


You've helped me so much and I am so happy with my product that I wanted to send you a positive customer review. I feel like I know you at this point so I also wanted to share a picture of me enjoying the gym! I'm so happy with this purchase! No more wasted time driving to the gym!

Body Solid's Smith Gym Package has given me the versatile tools I needed to take my fitness to the next level. And with the rock solid lifetime warranty, I have a home gym I can depend on forever! Thanks Body Solid!

I have filled my home gym exclusively with your products, and I tell everyone I know about the quality and service I've gotten from your organization.


Ryan McFarland



I am just writing you to let you know that my Body Solid Powerline Smith Gym is still my workout of choice. This has been in my basement for around 8 years now and still going strong. Now that my kids are older I am looking to expand with some new equipment and Body Solid is on the top of the list! Keep up the good work! 

Jim Berryhill


I must declare that you rarely experience this consistently superb and outstanding customer service in today’s world. Your efforts are a true reflection of this. Our family loves your product and have been using  it religiously since 2004. This proves that Body Solid stands behind its products and lifetime warranty policy thus converting their customers into their most effective ambassadors.

Silvester Taddidio
Human resources director


I want to share with everyone the fantastic experience I had purchasing gym equipment from Tony Spoto at "The Bench Press."  Tony is a real professional with exceptional integrity and great knowledge in the business.

I am 36 years old, married and have children ages 7, 5, 4, and 2.  My wife and I enjoy exercising but due to professional and personal life conflicts, our time in the gym has suffered.  As I continued to try to find the time to get to the gym, I realized that the simple task of getting out of the house, driving to and from the gym, and then getting in and out of the gym takes a minimum of 40 minutes of time each day...and that does not even include the exercising.  I could almost get an entire workout in during this 40 minutes of lost time.  The answer for me was a home gym, but who can afford that?!  So, I did some homework and found Tony on line.  Every day for the past six months I have been glad that I did.

I am very picky about my workout routine.  I wanted equipment that was affordable and would allow me to do everything at home that I could do in the gym.  I did not want to still have to go to the gym to work a couple of body parts that I could not do at home.  Tony asked me what I wanted to do and he found a way to fit my budget.  Tony put me on to Body Solid and I ended up purchasing the Series 7 Smith Gym System, the Vertical Knee Raise/Pull Up Apparatus, Olympic bar with weight, and some small accessory items.  Tony went over my workout with me and made sure that I had the right tools and he gave me a great deal on the package!  Being picky, I wanted to do more than was advertised by the Series 7 gym.  I was pleased by how versatile the Body-Solid Series 7 gym is.  Tony and I discussed how I could get creative with my workouts.  I am able effectively perform Individual Leg Curls from the lower cable as well as full range of motion individual rear deltoids.  My wife and I both really like the Smith Machine as well as the option to use the Olympic Tony said we would.

I was not able to try out the Series 7 Smith Gym before I bought it.  I delayed the process for a very long time trying to find one locally to sample.  In the end, I trusted Tony after he answered my many, many questions.  Tony was patient and very responsive.  Also, he is personable and not "salesy."  Tony assured me that when I was ready to make the decision, just let him know.  I trust Tony and will buy from him again.  The pulley system and Smith bars are very smooth and I am very pleased that the cable configuration does not result in the weight feeling lighter than it should.  Again, Tony assured me in advance of these aspects...and he was right.

One other thing that Tony did (which proved to me that he was the real deal) was refer me to the manufacturer to discuss warranty and service.  I took him up on the offer and contacted the manufacturer.  Not only is Body Solid a professional outfit, but all of the reps knew Tony by name.  They obviously work very closely with him and trust him to sell their product.  In the end, payment and delivery was quick and easy...and have I mentioned yet that Tony gave me a great deal?!

Although I knew that I was going to write this letter of recommendation from the beginning, I wanted to give it a period of time so that I knew that I was recommending a good product.  This product is great.  Tony blew away his competition on cost and service.  I have no problem recommending Tony and Body Solid.  If there are any questions about Tony or this product, I am happy to serve as a source to answer those questions.  Tony, keep up the good work -- you are helping people every day!


Gary Chisholm


Clearly the highest price tag of all the pieces in this report, but worth the money based on convenience alone. If you aren't interested in lugging plates around and loading them on all your machines, then this piece is definitely for you.

This machine has duel weight stacks, each being 210 pounds. However, the calf raise and leg press station works off of a 2:1 weight ratio which allows the resistance to go up to 420 pounds. Just like above, this machine also handles 2 users at the same time. The size of this piece is about the same as the Powertec Workbench.

This piece of equipment is built very well and of great quality. The padding on this piece has the same Body-Solid standard on all their pieces-being very comfortable and durable. This piece has a very natural and comfortable feel when in use.

Biomechanically, this piece is amazing. With so many pin positions, you can tweek this piece to hit the muscle exactly the way it needs to be worked.



Here is another piece similar to the Powertec Workbench above. This piece is another plate-loaded machine which has many of the features of the Powertec above but without some of the extra stations. For the value, I rank it second because of the lack of versatility compared to the product above. However, don't get me wrong-this Body-Solid Leverage Gym is definitely on the list of must have's if you are tight on space and still want to get a piece that can pretty much do it all.

The piece itself is of very high quality and very durable. The pads are comfortable when working out and are tear resistant. Just like above there are no pulleys to worry about so this piece is maintenance free. This machine can only have 2 users at once whereas the piece above you can get up to 3 so that is one thing that you'll want to keep in mind. If you are training by yourself or with a buddy/spouse/sibling/whoever, this piece would work just fine for your needs.

Overall, this is another piece worth looking into if you are looking for a home gym that doesn't take up a lot of space, yet gives you everything you need to hit every body part. Even though you are paying a little more for this piece compared to the Powertec Workbench, this is still a great buy for any household.


I've owned this attachment for my GDCC200 cross-functional trainer for about a year. It enables many exercises (e.g., lat pulls, barbell curls, rows, squats, deadlifts, shoulder shrugs, etc.) that otherwise can't be done with the machine. The bar is very solid/good quality. My only two gripes are 1) the stitching in the straps that secures the attachment rings tears over time, and 2) the bar is not wide enough when the ring attachment closest to the bar is used to secure the bar to the machine (I think the bar length was designed with the narrower GDCC200 model in mind). Both of these issues lead to premature wearing of the straps. So why a four-star review...? Because one call to Body Solid's customer service center and they are sending new straps via their incredible lifetime warranty!

The only exercise that I've found a little misleading in the advertisements (not the bar's fault, but rather a limitation of the CFT's design) is squats. It's simply unrealistic to start a squat with any significant weight in the fully tucked position necessary to put the bar on your shoulders/back with the pulleys near the floor to create vertical resistance (free-weight and machine squats all begin with one standing upright). But otherwise, all exercises are as you'd imagine/as-advertised.

I do love this attachment and use it regularly. If the stitching was stronger and the bar was a few inches wider, I'd give it four stars, but given the lifetime warranty, I'm not terribly concerned and would highly recommend this accessory to others.

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