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Bought mine 15 years ago and it is still going strong. My main use for it is powerlifting. One of my adult sons who also bodybuilds and powerlifts has also bought one. Big thumbs up from the Logan family.

I bought mine 15 years ago and it is still going strong today. I powerlift and have used this for my squats and bench. One of my adult sons who also powerlifts as well as doing bodybuilding has also bought one and is kicking A$$. If you do not want a full rack in your gym this is the best thing out there IMO. I prefer this to a rack for space and usability in my gym.

I have been actively involved in fitness since 1988 and have trained others as a Personal Trainer as well. Free weights have been my "go-to" for many years however, during COVID19, all gyms were closed and there were no indications as to when they would reopen. However, not exercising wasn't an option, therefore, I researched the internet for every type/kind of Home Gym that was available for days on end until I came across the Body-Solid G6BR Bi-Angular Home Gym for Weight Training, Home and Commercial Gym. I then decided, based on the options and available features of the G6BR Bi-Angular Home Gym to give it a try and purchased one directly from the Body-Solid website. It took approximately a total of 10 hours to put together however, it was well worth it. This is absolutely the best Home / Commercial Gyms I have ever worked out on! I get a great pump because there is resistance during the entire range of motion while performing an exercise, from the beginning to the end of each repetition. The Home Gym has a lifetime warranty and the Customer Service is outstanding! I highly recommend this Commercial grade Home Gym for those looking for a quality system!

Just bought this machine after having a French Fitness X9LP installed in my home. It was horrible. I had it removed and replaced it with the Body Solid EXM3000LPS. As soon as I began a workout I realized that the Body Solid is, by far, a better machine. For an estimated 1200.00 difference, it is head and shoulders above the French Fitness machine.

I have owned this exact Power Rack for 22 years (since 1998) and it has held up to many workouts. The safety bars have held up 700 pounds. Highly recommend for home use. Get a good wide flat bench to use in the rack for Benching. Excellent for Squats, Rack Pulls, Benching, anything that you would like to have a spotter for. More hole would be a plus, but those are available on more expensive models.

Solid, stable piece of equipment. easy to assemble but took time. very very pleased! All steps documented and hardware is packaged by the step number in the assembly manual.

One tip: if you think you will need the optional weight stacks, it would be best to order and install them initially as there would be a fair amount of disassembly involved in adding them later.

packaged well
all parts were there
fit and finish great
built very well
good investment

I've been using this machine in my apartment for over 20 years and it still works great. I can say that doing regular 3-5x/week workouts on this machine totally changed my life. I'm in great shape for my age and I've saved so much money because I've never had to join a gym. If you have the space, I recommend this machine without reservations.

I've had this bench for over 9 years and it served it's purpose. As of recent I noticed the pin used to adjust the seat height is not secure and it slips through the holding holes easily; especially if your workout gets really intense and you start shooting for high reps. I tried to modify by pushing the bar of holes closer to the base of the bench but that didn't help and I don't want to compromise the stability of the bench. If you use this bench as a "once in awhile" bench I think you'll be fine, but if you workout 4-5 times a week it may be annoying having to monitor if the seat is going to slip from under you while doing a shoulder press or incline dumbbell press.

Very sturdy, solid unit. I set it up on a rubber mat and it is very stable and near commercial in my mind

It will take you at least 4-5 hours to put it together. Perhaps less if you are hyper. Was packed very well. No shipping damage. I got worn out unpacking it.

If you think you may need the optional weight kit, you should order and install it in the first place, as to add it on later, your have to do some major re-work. Not horrendous but some re-work. You can add another 50lbs each side

This unit comes with (2) 150 cast iron weight stacks, one on each side. No plastic coated cement. A big plus.

Great instructions, great packaging, heavy duty construction, just be prepared for the assembly time.

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