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Please be careful. Purchased in May of 2013. The 50 lb kettlebell handle separated from bottom while a client was using. Could have been a very serious event.

The corner leverage is very good.It is smooth and you get a great pump from all of exercises shown in the video.I only wish it came with accessories like a preacher bench and leg extention for the gls 1000 fid bench!also the leverage arms should work independent of each other.

The adjustment for the seat and handle bar only go so far before the lock knob hits the post so it can't be adjusted. called customer service, told to return product, bummer

Great bar but end caps are very poorly designed. We purchased about 20 bars and in less than 6 months on 7 of the bars the end caps split along the molded seam. i was told this is not covered under warranty nor are you able to replace end caps

I am 6 foot tall and, even with the seat in the lowest position, when doing the shoulder press the hand grips bang together well before my arms are extended. 6 foot is not particularly tall and I would have expected that any multigym would cater for someone that tall. I called customer services to see if there was any way to adjust the biangular settings and was told that I should have tried out this exercise before buying the machine.....not very helpful or practical as there are many, many exercises on the machine and it would not be feasible to try them all before buying. If I join a gym I do not insist on trying every piece of equipment before joining......I expect that the equipment will be suitable for people of normal size.

This is a well constructed, stable bench. It works well for flat and incline movements and is easily moveable with the convenient wheels. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BENCH FOR DECLINE BENCH, ETC. THE PADS ARE VERY SLICK AND THERE IS NOT A WAY TO HOLD YOUR FEET IN PLACE SO IT IS DANGEROUS TO DECLINE BENCH-YOU WILL SLIP OFF THE END!

I have had this home gym a year now and I am very satisfied with it. I am in the best shape of my life

I ordered these Medicine Balls through Sports Authority for the High School I work at. I always try to order products that last and these being on the commercial side of the Body Solid web page looked like a great buy. Well I was wrong. 5/6 of the medicine balls I have ordered have all split. I followed all directions, I made sure each med ball had the correct amount of air. I have medicine balls that are still good that have been used 7 years now. I called Sports Authority and they said it is past the 30 day return policy so it is up to Body solid to warranty the product. I called Body Solid and the gentleman told me to go back to Sports Authority and he can not do anything. He proceeded to tell me they sell a lot of medicine balls. I will not order these medicine balls again, the kettle bells are nice but now with the customer service I have witnessed, I will not be ordering my second set of kettlebells from them either.

Inclosing, stay away from these, they are not commercial grade.

This is a very well built machine and I'm sure it will last a long time. The only real problem I see is the assembly instructions, in reality you could say there are none. It is just a diagram with part numbers. A non mechanical person would most likely have issues. A few sentences with step by step instructions I think would help greatly. Other than that I think my family will love it.

Does all the exercises I want and more. It's smooth working and relatively noiseless. Customer service has been a pleasure work with.

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