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I ordered the Pro Power Rack, Plate loaded Lat Attachment, Gut Blaster Slings and Olympic Dumbbell Handles and recently and I am extremely happy with them and your service. I work in the fitness industry and am very impressed with the quality and price of the equipment you sell. I will recommend you to all my clients.

These GUT BLASTER SLINGS are well padded and easy to use. They provide the user the ability to do other exercises to work the abs and back. The lower back especially gets an excellent stretch. I find them very comfortable to use to do leg and knee raises(best when upper body is stationary) and lower body twists. These and our WRCH322 ROMAN CHAIR are the best products we have ever used for ab and lower back exercises. As with all FITNESS FACTORY OUTLET products they are of the highest quality. Customer service, quality, product selection, low price and fast shipping are why I will continue to buy from FITNESS FACTORY OUTLET. We also have a WMPR80 with the WLA77 LAT STATION ATTACHMENT and FB20N FOOT BRACE, WFID30 BENCH with LDA1 LEG ATTACHMENT and the WDR363 DUMBBELL RACK.

After deciding to purchase weight training equipment for my home, I began to research such systems as SoloFlex and BowFlex on the web. During my research, I came across the Body-Solid line. After considering the advantage of using actual weights instead of resistance from elastic bands or other means, I purchased the EXM1500S. I wanted to express my complete and total satisfaction with your product and to congratulate you on delivering a quality item at a reasonable price. Those ideals have become somewhat uncommon in today's marketplace, so it's refreshing to have a satisfying buying experience. I've used my gym for several weeks now and I'm completely happy! Joe Santangelo Johnstown, NY

The way shopping online should be. I recently ordered the EXM1500S from you. I would just like to say that I was very impressed with everything about the order. It came in the time frame you said. There was nothing missing. There were no hidden charges. The price was the best I could find on the internet. I assembled it and it works great, just like Consumer Reports said it would. Michael Mistretta via email A refreshing experience.

This is a great machine for working your legs. You can do squats and calf raises. You get all the benefits of doing barbell squats without having to worry about hurting yourself. The machine is very good quality and can support a lot of weight. You will need an open space of approxiamtely 5.5'x4.5' to put the machine in. The only negative is the price, mainly the shipping costs. With shipping and tax, the price was around $505. Quality: 5 out of 5. Value: 4 out of 5. Pros: Best leg machine out there. Cons: shipping costs. Gender: Male. Age: 35-44. Owned product: under 1 month. Uses product: Every week. Would you recommend this product to a friend?: Yes. Via

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. You do need your own set of olympic plates, I would suggest using 45 pound plates, starting with at least 2 on either side. We have the SBL460PF which this unit is part of and there is no weight limit. I squat 750 with this, and thank god for the shoulder and back padding, it will not bottom out on me! An amazingly well-built piece, 100% guaranteed for life. Pros: Easy To Use, Strengthens, Built like a tank. Best Uses: Gaining mass, Strength Training.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. I would recommend to anyone. Made real well. Quite. Delighted... this is the best.. I can have my coffee and kick to the morning news. It's simple and effective. My legs look great!!!! The only drawback is the bar in the middle it's hard to get your leg around it so I just removed it and the problem was solved. The seat is very comfortable. You might even trade in your barcalounger. I have bought exercise equipment after exercise equipment and the quality is very impressive. Pros: Sturdy, Quiet Operation, Comfortable, Strengthens, Easy To Use, Easy To Setup. Cons: Bulky. Best Uses: Strength Training, Low Impact Exercise, Weight Loss.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. I prefer this bike over my $2000 bike I have in my home and league gym. Its the quietest and most comfortable bike I have ever rode. When I go to sleep at night I sometimes dream that I'm riding it, and when I wake up in the morning its the first thing I think about. I ride it approx. 3-5hrs each and every day. I have even named her Sharleen. My personal favorite is riding Sharleen no hands while eating a bowl of chicken salad (that's usually my favorite dream too). If you get this bike I just know you will come to love and cherish it as I have. Pros: Stable, Easy To Adjust, Easy To Use, Quiet Operation, Comfortable. Cons: Can't ride it on the road. Best Uses: General Fitness, Physical Therapy, Weight Loss, Sports Training.

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