PFID130X Powerline Flat Incline Decline Bench
Perfect fit for a Smith Machine or Power Rack
PPR1000EXT Powerline Power Rack Extension
The PPR1000EXT Power Rack Extension is an optional attachment for the PPR1000 Power Rack.
PLA1000 Powerline Power Rack Lat Attachment
Turn the Powerline Power Rack into a complete home gym with the PLA1000 Lat Attachment.
PPRTB Powerline T-Bar Row Attachment
Compatible with the PPR1000 Power Rack or PPR500 Half Rack, the PPRTB T-Bar Row attachment (also called a landmine attachment) provides a world of workout possibilities.
PPRMCU Powerline Multi-Chin Attachment
The PPRMCU Multi-Chin Up can help transform a PPR1000 Power Rack into a one-of-a-kind total training tool.
PPRUL Powerline U-Link Attachment
The PPRUL U-Link is an optional attachment for the PPR1000 Power Rack or PPR500 Half Rack, as well as the rack extensions.
PPRWH Powerline Weight Horns
Keep your workout area clean and organized with the Powerline by Body-Solid PPRWH Weight Horn attachment for the PPR1000 and PPR500 Power and Half Racks and Extensions.
PPRJC Powerline Half Rack J-Cups
The PPRJC J-cups are an optional extra pair of j-cups for your PPR1000 Power Rack or PPR500 Half Rack (each rack comes with a pair standard already).
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