Body-Solid Tools KBX Training Kettlebells are built with durability and performance in mind and feature a matte black chip-resistant powder-coated finish providing superior grip during strenuous workouts.

In addition, Body-Solid Tools KBX Training Kettlebells are manufactured with a state-of-the-art single-cast gravity casting process offering much higher quality than competitive sand-casted kettlebells. This gravity casting process guarantees that each kettlebell is constructed to meet the highest standards including a flat, wobble-free base, smooth and easy-to-grip handles as well as a consistent overall finish.

Each KBX Kettlebell has a stylish embossed logo and easy-to-read weight distinction in both kg and lb to ensure you grab the right kettlebell each time.

Body-Solid Tools KBX Training Kettlebells are available in 10 different weights with each weight featuring distinct and easy-to-distinguish color coding:

4kg - 8.8 lbs

6kg - 13.2 lbs

8kg - 17.6 lbs

10 kg - 22.0 lbs

12kg - 26.4 lbs

14 kg - 30.8 lbs

16kg - 35.2 lbs

18 kg - 39.6 lbs

20kg - 44.1 lbs

22 kg - 48.4 lbs

24kg - 52.9 lbs

28kg - 61.7 lbs

32kg - 70.5 lbs

36kg - 79.4 lbs 

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