Body-Solid Leg Press & Hack Squat

Body-Solid engineers knew that the best way to build an explosive lower body, and stay that way, would be to make your workouts incredibly Powerful... Comfortable... and Safe. As you work your quads, glutes, and calves, the engineered smoothness of the Leg Press/Hack Squat Machine spares your bones and joints. Three lockout positions are under the user's control throughout the exercises and provide user safety and the option of different start/stop positions.

Olympic style plates only. Weight plates optional.

Solid Solutions

When opening The Iron Shop, Nichols was looking for equipment that could be as versatile as his training style. That’s when he found FitnessGiant.com and Body-Solid.

Nichols and The Iron Shop purchased Body-Solid’s SPR1000DB Commercial Power Rack Package as well as Body-Solid’s GLPH1100 Leg Press/Hack Squat machine.


We chose the two pieces simply because they were the most sturdy and durable items of that nature on the market,” said Nichols of his decision to go with Body-Solid products for his facility. “With a lot of research we narrowed it down and Body-Solid was always at the top of the list.”

So far the feedback from his clients have been nothing but positive.

The (GLPH1100) is by far the easiest and most comfortable leg machine I have used and my clients all feel the same,” said Nichols. The SPR1000DB, which features two SPR1000 Power Racks bridged by monkey bars has given The Iron Shop unmatched workout versatility, “unbelievable… it comes with so many features and accessories to add on — you can’t beat it.”

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