Nice gym system but lengthy build
  • I recently received my EXM3000LPS system a few days ago. As with other reviews, the build took a long time and some parts you'll need a second pair of hands putting in place.

    Delivery was great! Everything comes wrapped up on a pallet. Total box count was about 15 (8 of them being the weight plates). This was very nice as two people could easily transport from driveway to assembly room easily.

    Assembly is pretty straight forward with multiple blown-out images of what parts go where. No too dissimilar from a factory assembly manual you buy for cars. The worst part of assembly, is laying out all of the parts to make sure everything made it to you. The big parts have colored stickers to eliminate confusion, which is nice. However, all the bolts, washers, and nuts come in big bags all mixed together. There must be 10 different bolts, washers, and nuts (each). I spent two hours organizing/labeling the parts to assure I had everything and be ready for assembly.

    If I could, I'd recommend Body Solid put bolts, washers, and nuts mixed together but in color coded bags so you know what to grab when working on a section of the system.

    Also, multiple views of each section of the gym system for assembly would be helpful. You might see some pieces labeled x3, get through 2, and not know with confidence where that third part is to be assembled. This happened to me at the top pulley assembly for the pec fly/rear delt section.

    Take your time, don't rush the assembly, and you'll be left with a very nice piece of equipment that will last you a long time.

    Total Time for assembly: roughly 10 hours by myself with the occasional help from the wife where two sets of hands were required.

  • Excellent gym
  • This gym is amazing. Far and away more sturdy than the junk you find at Wal-Mart or Sports Authority type stores. This is the quality of machine that you see at LA Fitness or YMCA. I could not be happier with the finished product. That being said, there are some negatives. The way it was packaged for shipment was second rate. A lot of pieces were able rub against each other during shipping resulting in patches where paint is scratched completely off. Thankfully, a vial of touch up paint is included. The biggest complaint I would have against this product is the build instructions. There are none. You are given only an exploded view of each section. I spent about 12 hours building the gym. A lot of that was just trying to figure out what goes where. Body Solid should go buy a large Lego kit and come up with a build booklet like the ones Lego provides. Finally, there is no maintenance guide except the note to check and replace cables often. When building, you must put white lithium grease on the bushings. I still recommend this gym as long as you are good with building things, or hiring someone who is.
  • Awesome Gym
  • I bought the Body Solid EXM 3000 LPS 11 years ago. It is awesome! Looks like new, works like new. Everything is smooth and works each muscle properly with the right amount of adjust-ability. Also, I just added the verticle Knee raise attachment and even 11 years later it connected perfectly. Thanks Body Solid for a fantastic product!!!
  • Home Gym review
  • Clearly the highest price tag of all the pieces in this report, but worth the money based on convenience alone. If you aren't interested in lugging plates around and loading them on all your machines, then this piece is definitely for you.

    This machine has duel weight stacks, each being 210 pounds. However, the calf raise and leg press station works off of a 2:1 weight ratio which allows the resistance to go up to 420 pounds. Just like above, this machine also handles 2 users at the same time. The size of this piece is about the same as the Powertec Workbench.

    This piece of equipment is built very well and of great quality. The padding on this piece has the same Body-Solid standard on all their pieces-being very comfortable and durable. This piece has a very natural and comfortable feel when in use.

    Biomechanically, this piece is amazing. With so many pin positions, you can tweek this piece to hit the muscle exactly the way it needs to be worked.


  • Awesome System!!
  • I purchased the 3000 double stack home gym in December 2005 and still use it on a regular basis. It works as good as the first day. I absolutely love this machine. Don't buy anything else just to save a couple bucks!!
  • You make a great product
  • Four years ago I bought a Body Solid 3000 home gym. I am 63 years old and probably in the best physical condiiton I've been in since leaving the armed forces in 1976. I cannot say enough about your system. It is versatile, sturdy, and user friendly. I can easily complete a workout in 40 minutes that would require 90 minutes or more in a commercial gym waiting for equipment and making adjustments every time a machine became available. It has everything one can conceivably wish for resistance training in one simple compact package. It is one of the best investments I've ever made. You make a great product. Bruce Cole Virgin Islands
  • Excellent Piece of Equipment
  • I bought this piece for my physical therapy clinic about 2 years ago, and have been thrilled with it. It more than meets my needs.
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