Needs Annual Replacement of Cables
  • In the Owner's Manual, it states "Annual Cable replacement is strongly recommended as an additional precaution." My first cable started kinking at 6 months and they replaced it for free. The second cable also started kinking at 6 months but not as bad as the first so I ignored it. That cable broke at 14 months of usage while I was exercising. Scared the hell out of me. Cables cost $60 + $15 shipping. I'm a senior citizen. I lift medium weights about 3X per week. It takes about an hour to replace the cables.
  • Lets start with the leg extension post,its to long it keeps the rear legs off the grown which makes the BSG10X unstable. The press arm pivot and press arm bracket are not level to the frame.
  • I am a woman in my 50's starting out weight training for the first time in years.. Since my 30's I have only done cardio (treadmill, bike, elliptical at home). Haven't been to a gym since then, and at my age, even though I look good, there's mostly younger people there. I really did like the weights I did back then when I did go to the gym, so I found this on the Sears website and snapped it up. I like this machine better than the Weider I was going to get. The seat and back is movable so you can adjust it. I am 5'4. The Pluses: Great varied workout that gives your body a total workout. Compact in size. Smooth moving parts. The attached arms do a good job of giving you different workouts. Nice looking machine. The Minuses: had to get Sears store to send an installer to put it upstairs - delivery is only to your door (get them to put it in your house on the main floor or in your garage). Scratches all over the machine - they gave me paint, but it didn't cover up very good. Seat was not installed properly and had to call Sears again and have it redone. If you have a significant other, get him to put it together and make sure all parts are on. The installers didn't do this. Overall: I would definitely purchase this machine again because after using it for 2 weeks, I am already getting in shape, in 4 months I hope to be where I want to be looking and feeling and will maintain it. I do upper exercises one day with cardio, the next day I do lower exercises with cardio. I feel great!!! (Via
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