SDKRDB - Pro ClubLine Dumbbell Racks

Pro ClubLine Dumbbell Racks

Perfect for the storage needs of any facility, the new SDKR1000DB dumbbell racks offers unparalleled flexibility for storage of Hexagon or Round Dumbbells. Available with 2 or 3 tiers.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are building a rack using components, the SDKRDBL large dumbbell tray can only fit on the bottom tier. It cannot fit on the top tiers of these racks.



SDKR500DB Pro ClubLine Dumbbell Racks2-Tier PCL Dumbbell Rack (SDKR500DB) $858.00 Request a Quote
SDKR1000DB Pro ClubLine Dumbbell Racks3-Tier PCL Dumbbell Rack (SDKR1000DB) $1,232.00 Request a Quote
SDKR Small Dumbbell Shelf (SDKRDBS) $231.00 Request a Quote
SDKR Large Dumbbell Shelf (SDKRDBL) $270.00 Request a Quote
SDKRUP2 Pro ClubLine Dumbbell RacksSDKR 2-Tier Upright (SDKRUP2) $248.00 Request a Quote
SDKRUP Pro ClubLine Dumbbell RacksSDKR 3-Tier Upright (SDKRUP) $341.00 Request a Quote
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