Dealer Corner - October 2010

How to transform your store. School Sales

Crossfit, the fitness craze that's swept the nation in recent years was developed by a former gymnast in Santa Cruz, California named Greg Glassman. The "cross" between gymnastics and a marine corps boot camp features a variety of athletic training in combinations that increase core strength and conditioning. Originally followed by dedicated police officers, firefighters and military personnel, the popularity has trickled down from the various Crossfit workout facilities to a growing base of "Crossfitter" home use consumers.

How can dealers capitalize on this recent trend? The first step is to educate your staff on the benefits of crossfit training. Since CrossFit workouts are modeled on full-body functional movements –like lifting, pulling, twisting, running crawling and pushing , it offers a variety of movements in a typical 15-20 minute routine.

The second step is adding a "Crossfit" section to your showroom. Body Solid would like to partner with you in transforming your showroom into "Crossfit Headquarters". Today, any consumer can outfit their garage or spare room into a very affordable studio. The following are the core items offered by Body Solid.

The Body Solid family of power racks , fully equipped with chin up bars (GPR378 and PPR200X) and squat stands (GPR370 and PSS60X) are excellent tools for the lifting exercises. Then add the 7ft Olympic bars (OB86) , Rubber bumper plates (OBPB#) with rubber flooring (RF546-4'x6'x ½" mat) .

Crossfit also promotes the traditional "body weight" exercises using 45 degree hyperextensions (GHYP345), VKRs with lat chin (GVKR82) and Roman Chairs (GRCH322).

Other popular items are the Body Solid kettlebells (KB#), Medicine Balls (BSTMB#), Resistance tubes (BSTRT#), T bar row bar and platform (TBR10 with LBB28) Push up bars (PUB2) , Dip stations (GDIP59) and lastly, don't forget all the storage racks.

Whatever the need may be, contact your local school and let us help you help them.


Resistance Tubes

 Body Solid introduces the latest Body Solid Tools member, our new Rubber Resistance Tubes. These are a great portable and economic way to strengthen and tone your whole body. The bands are made of durable rubber, 9ft long with comfortable easy to grip handles and come in 5 levels of resistance which makes them ideal for strength and rehabilitation exercises.

They offer great exercise versatility from compound exercises to isolating specific muscles and are designed for users of all strength levels. BSTRT1 (Yellow – Very Light Resistance), BSTRT2 (Green – Light Resistance), BSTRT3 (Red – Medium Resistance), BSTRT4 (Blue – Heavy Resistance), BSTRT5 (Black – Very Heavy Resistance). The bands are lightweight and compact which makes them great for workouts at home or while traveling. They are a preferred tool of in home personal trainers and physical therapists all over the world.

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