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Body-Solid G4i Iso-Flex Home Gym Review

July 22, 2011 | Author: jeffatls20k |s

If you could buy only one piece of gym equipment for home use, what would it be? For many people, the answer to that question would be “a home gym, of course.” What is the reason? A home gym is remarkably multitalented; it enables folks to do a wide variety of exercises which normally require different single-purpose exercise machines. Whenever your home space is limited, a home gym will work marvellously for you; it has a very small footprint but will allow for numerous gym quality exercises. Even though home gyms are fairly high-priced, purchasing many single-purpose machines is even more expensive. Following is a bit of data regarding a resourceful home gym manufactured by Body-Solid: the G4i Iso-Flex

Gym Equipment: Chief Aspects of the Body-Solid G4i Iso-Flex Home Gym

The G4i home gym packs plenty of functionality into its compact design, and offers a complete workout that’s quite unique amongst home gym equipment. The heart of the G4i is the 3-dimensional independent Iso-Flex press arms, which allow the user to work both the primary, targeted muscles and the secondary, stabiliser muscles. The result? More normal plus more distinct muscle improvement in a more brief time period. An element we favour is its dual-pulley swivelling lat station. The machine’s pulleys let one do the regular lat pull-downs; when the independent cable handles are implemented, one can also perform both crossover and diverging motions. We totally appreciate the chest supported mid row station which utilises the machine’s press arms as well as the adaptable back pad, to work especially on the lower and the mid lats to ensure a perfect workout. In addition, it has self-aligning cuffed leg developer to work the hamstrings and quads.

Gym Equipment: More Facts Regarding the Body-Solid G4i

This premier piece of home fitness equipment features a 73kg selectorised weight stack, to which an additional 22kg can be added. This machine’s patent-pending Iso-Flex press arms additionally permit you to identify press and also pec fly exercises which are customised to you specific path of movement. The home gym’s high density pads with their lumbar support are really comforting; they are furthermore constructed to avoid stress to your lower back. The machine is supremely easy to use because of its space-saving design that eliminates the need to change cables. This G4i is built with 11- gauge steel for robustness and endurance. Its seat post is telescoping; plus it has got a gas-aided modifiability to guarantee the right body position.

Gym Equipment: A Bit More Data Regarding the Body-Solid G4i Home Gym

The G4i comes with a stirrup handle, a lat bar, abs and triceps strap, ankle strap and straight bar. There’s a workout DVD, as well as a full-size fitness chart. Some of the amenities are the towel holder as well as the water bottle holder. The cables on this machine are designed to have exceptionally high tensile strength. They are, as a matter fact, made to military and aircraft requirements. The machine’s pulleys are built from impact defiant fibreglass reinforced nylon, and have got machined steel ball bearings. The machine is finished with an electrostatically applied powder coat finish.

When you are trying to find home gym equipment, the Body-Solid G4i is one you should check out.

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