Body-Solid Pro ClubLine Series II

NEW FOR 2013


Body-Solid has introduced the next evolution of affordable full commercial selectorized machines, the Pro Clubline Series 2. Currently, Body-Solid Pro Clubline offers facilities full commercial quality strength equipment at prices that are often less expensive than buying used equipment. The newest lineup, Pro Clubline Series 2 expands on this concept with more stations, more features, more quality and a modern look, while maintaining a focus on value.

Comprised of 12 single and dual function stations, the Pro Clubline Series 2 is a complete circuit, providing facilities with strength stations covering the entire body. Each station is designed to be biomechanically correct, with multiple adjustments providing quality movements for any user. Every piece is built to last. 2” x 3” heavy gauge steel mainframes are powder coat painted for durability. Each piece comes standard with full shrouds - adding safety and a modern aesthetic to the entire line for no extra cost. Detailed exercise placards mounted directly on each station make proper form and function easy for users to follow. Designed to endure in the harshest commercial settings, the Pro Clubline Series 2 is constructed with top quality components. The cables, pulleys, pads, all the way down to the nuts and bolts, are designed to last and provide smooth, natural exercise movements.

In today’s economy, facilities looking for product are often on tight budgets. Don’t have your customers overpay for commercial strength pieces or settle for obviously worn used pieces. With retail prices from $2000 to $2300 at great margins, the Pro Clubline Series 2 provides brand new, high quality, bio-mechanically correct stations at fantastic values.


S2ABB | Series II Ab and Back Machine

S2AC | Series II Arm Curl Machine

S2BTP | Series II Bicep & Tricep

S2CP | Series II Chest Press

S2IOT | Series II Inner & Outer Thigh

S2LAT | Series II Lat Pulldown & Seated Row

S2LEX | Series II Leg Extension

S2LPC | Series II Leg Press & Calf Raise

S2MP | Series II Multi-Press

S2PEC | Series II Pec Fly & Rear Delt

S2SLC | Series II Seated Leg Curl

S2SP | Series II Shoulder Press



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