T8HRC Consumer's Guide Best Buy

Body-Solid has upgraded the top of their Endurance line of cardiovascular equipment to such heights that the product has a new name: the Endurance T 8i HRC. Commercial machines usually have features such a heavy-gauge steel frame and new Aluminum side rails.

The T 8i HRC has that, and also features the most powerful motor in its class. The extra heavy-duty 700-pound Thrust Motor provides smooth, accurate, finger-touch adjustments to simulate hill climbs and increase workout intensity. The new look of this model is silver, not black, right down to the silver footpads. Electronics also has unique features.

The T 8i HRC console has very user-friendly console that offers a selection of 25 fitness programs designed by the industry's top athletic trainers. The T 8i HRC features real-time display of heart rate control and also monitors elevation, time, distance, speed, and calories. It's all the information you need to keep your workouts effective. As your workout begins, you should feel the difference right away. This model provides a rigid platform for your workout, and the shock absorbent deck cushions the impact of every stride.

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