EXM1500S - Review

The Body Solid multi-station EXM-1500S Home Gym has received favorable reviews from many fitness equipment experts. We at Home Gym Review were curious to see if it is deserved. Yep..... it is.

This is a nice piece of machinery offering just about everything you could hope for in a home gym. The major differences between this gym and other gyms in its class is Body Solid have chosen to place the low row off to the side rather than in front of the bench (usual spot). Not a huge difference but it does mean that you will require a bit less room and its easier to see and adjust the weight stack when you are exercising. The other difference is they have included another cable attachment (mid row) just above the bench. You can really target the abs from this cable.



  • the low row is next to the weight stack. I don't know about you but I don't like getting up off the floor and walking to the weight stack just to change the load when rowing. If you are the same as me then you will like the EXM-1500S for the convenient position of the low row
  • extra cable position. Its interesting that Body Solid included this but we aren't complaining. It increases the training options without subtracting anything from the function of the other Home Gym Review give it a thumbs up
  • made from excellent materials
  • lifetime warranty
  • good price




  • the weight stack is only 160lbs. For most people this won't be an issue but if you are a muscular behemoth you may want a heavier stack



Now this gym is a serious little piece of muscle building magic. Body Solid have packed a whole of gym into the EXM-1500S without including anything you won't need.

For the price and lifetime warranty its hard to beat.

This gym truly is one of my favorites for combination of size, price and function, it is a classic and the best value for a gym under $1000 - it's my top pick in this price range.

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