BLOG EXM1500S Review

I have had this gym for 2 years now. I can say it is a very effective form of exercise, with a moderate ability to re-shape the body. Like anything related to exercise, regular use and consistency will pay off.

Assembly is not difficult if a bit tedious. As mentioned, the rotating curl bar and stirrup handle are essential to do all the basic exercises. I am not sure why they are not included considering their very nominal cost.

I ordered the machine over the internet, and received all the parts at once in about 6 boxes. The 2 additional parts were available at a dealer about 10 miles away.

The quality of all the parts, including the enameled frame is very good. And the mechanism requires minimal care, like wiping it down monthly, and applying a very light coat of lubricant on the weight guides every few months.
The operation is smooth and whisper quiet. The seat is comfortable enough, and I can say after 2 years seems to hold up very well. Again, speaking to the quality of the materials.

The variety of exercises should satisfy most users, not into serious body building, but those who desire moderate muscle growth, something beyond just toning.

Body-Solid will not recognize their Lifetime warranty on the frame unless you purchase the unit from an authorized dealer. They will give you one year on the whole unit regardless. I talked to the company rep. on the phone, and he was very helpful and cordial. He said if you have any problem at all don't hesitate to call. All the parts are nominally priced but there is very little to break down or wear out in the first several years if you use the machine properly and it receives light maintenance.

The exercise chart is nicely done with actual color photographs and descriptions of each exercise. The assembly and care manual is clearly written. Additional information is available on the website.

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