BLOG EXM1500S Review

Body Solid builds some of the best home gyms in the industry. They have a great reputation for high build quality and smooth operation.
The Body Solid EXM 1500 Home Gym is a versatile gym with a small footprint. It offers over 30 exercises to hit all the important muscle groups and also a lifetime warranty direct from Body Solid (the long warranty should tell you something about the quality of the components used in the 1500)...

The frame is heavy gauge powder coated tubular steel, and the tear proof vinyl seating and padding are tops in the price range.

The 1500 also has a unique low pulley station that's located on the side of the gym frame. A very nice touch that makes doing arm workouts or leg a butt workouts a breeze.

The only drawback of the Body Solid EXM 1500 home gym is that it doesn't offer a leg press station, but for most people that are buying a home gym at this price, that's not enough of a reason to pass this deal up.

On the upside, you're going to be hard pressed to find a home gym at any price that can match the EXM 1500 for overall build quality and ergonomics, plus the fact that the 1500 gym will fit in about any room in your home with room to spare.

Don't be fooled into thinking that cheaper gyms from Weider, Proform and Marcy are a better value for the money than the Body Solid.

They may look like a good deal because of all the bells and whistles they come with, but you'll be sadly disappointed with the sub par build quality and poor ergonomic design that make them a literal pain in the neck to use (not to mention the low, to no resale value).

The Body Solid EXM 1500 is my pick for home gyms in the under $799 price range hands down.

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