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If you have read a few of the Body Solid Home Gym Reviews here at Home Gym Review you may be thinking that all we do is kiss butt.

Not so.

Its just that Body Solid pretty much make nothing but great stuff. (I promise, if you visit some of our other pages at Home Gym Review you'll see there are some gyms we aren't so crazy about).

Anyway, the EXM-3000 is another great home gym from Body Solid. Its a big home gym with 3 stations and a choice of 2 different optional stations (dip/hanging leg raise or multi-hip station) But surprisingly it still doesn't take up too much room.

Its chock full of added features like 2 x 210lb weight stacks with solid steel weight stack guards, leg press standard with a fully rubber enclosed leg press foot plate, non-slip low row foot plate, adjustable bench press arms and ab crunch station. There, that should be enough to whet your appetite........if its gotten you interested read on.


The equipment list above is so big you would be forgiven for thinking this gym is a space monster but its not. Home Gym Review were surprised indeed to see the actual measurements on the EXM-3000LPS

Without option - 83"(height) x 73"(width) x 91"(length) and weighing about 650lbs

With option - 83"(height) x 100"(width) x 91"(length) and weighing about 700lbs


Nothing but lifetime....on everything.....forever.



  • so much equipment, so many stations and so many possible exercises you will be spoiled for choice. The team at Home Gym Review played nice on this one because we all had our own toy. Our mothers would have been proud
  • 2 guarded weight stacks
  • leg press is standard. Home Gym Review always recommend with any home gym that you get the leg press if possible. You will never get the same satisfaction from training your hamstrings with a one-legged standing hamstring curl. The leg press is much better for your knees than the leg extension. Also, training your quadriceps and hamstrings at the same time is a huge time saver
  • choice of 2 different options, hanging leg raise/dip station or multi-hip station. Either will add a bunch more exercises to your possibilities
  • pec dec station has dumbbell handles (padded arm type hurt my shoulders)
  • ab crunch station is a real ab crunch station and not just a strap on the lat pulldown or low row cable
  • excellent materials and craftsmanship
  • designed with focus on ergonomics (body shape and movement patterns)
  • lifetime warranty
  • workout poster included




  • a bit big and a bit heavy. No surprise there really considering what it contains, but even so its still relatively small considering what it contains
  • pec dec doesn't have padded arms. Had to put this in because some people love the traditional pec dec and will not be happy with anything else.



If you have the dough and plans to train with a partner, family members or team mates then you can't go wrong with this behemoth. Its a great gym and it really does have the feel of a regular gym, especially when there are other people training around you at the same time. But I probably don't have to point out that at this price you'd better be sure you're going to use it (unless your so rich it doesn't matter).

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