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  • Body-Solid Home Gyms Top the Reviews
    Matt Weik (bodybuilder, personal trainer and fitness expert) recently posted his Top 5 Home Gyms on and he picked three of our award-winning home gyms for his top spots.

  • 2010 SNEWS annual fitness retailer survey
    Body-Solid Inc. is proud to be the only fitness supplier to be ranked in all four major categories of the 2010 SNEWS annual fitness retailer survey.

  • EXM1500S Review
    I have had this gym for 2 years now. I can say it is a very effective form of exercise, with a moderate ability to re-shape the body. Like anything related to exercise, regular use and consistency will pay off.

  • EXM1500S - Review
    The Body Solid multi-station EXM-1500S Home Gym has received favorable reviews from many fitness equipment experts. We at Home Gym Review were curious to see if it is deserved. Yep..... it is.

  • G4I Consumer's Digest Best Buy Award
    The G4I Iso-Flex combines a boatload of traditional fixed-path movements with some "functional" exercises via a pair of swiveling dual overhead pulleys and multi-directional press arms.

  • G5S Consumer's Guide Budget Buy
    The G5S Home Gym from Body-Solid has a wide array of special features that make this a great Budget Buy. It could have been just as easily ranked as a Best Buy, but for its most competitive price point.

  • EXM3000 Review
    Its chock full of added features like 2 x 210lb weight stacks with solid steel weight stack guards, leg press standard with a fully rubber enclosed leg press foot plate, non-slip low row foot plate, adjustable bench press arms and ab crunch station. There, that should be enough to whet your appetite........if its gotten you interested read on.

  • T8HRC Consumer's Guide Best Buy
    Body-Solid has upgraded the top of their Endurance line of cardiovascular equipment to such heights that the product has a new name: the Endurance T8HRC. Commercial machines usually have features such a heavy-gauge steel frame and new Aluminum side rails.

  • Leverage Gym Consumer's Guide Best Buy
    Body-Solid has built the tank of free weight home gyms with the Body-Solid Leverage Gym. The three-station frame is a solid 10 and 11-gauge high tensile steel strength with all-four-side welded construction. It's a unit unsurpassed in strength and stability.

  • EXM1500S Review
    The Body Solid EXM 1500 Home Gym is a versatile gym with a small footprint. It offers over 30 exercises to hit all the important muscle groups and also a lifetime warranty direct from Body Solid (the long warranty should tell you something about the quality of the components used in the 1500)...

  • PSS60X - Review
    This is a great squat rack for the price. Have had it for less than 2 week but already my personal records for both my bench press and squat have gone up do to the fact that I feel safer now that I have it. It great for a person that workout alone .

  • BSG10X - Review
    Great varied workout that gives your body a total workout. Compact in size. Smooth moving parts. The attached arms do a good job of giving you different workouts. Nice looking machine.

  • SBL460 - Review
    This is the best Leverage Gym available. Can do more exercises than the Powertec units, and can withstand more weight on the Lever arm.

  • GCEC340 - Dick's Sporting Goods Review
    Made real well. Quite. Delighted... this is the best.. I can have my coffee and kick to the morning news.

  • GDIB46L - Dick's Sporting Goods Review
    This is a very well constructed weight bench. Its sturdy, unlike my bench I owned before this one.

  • GSCL360 - Review
    This is a great machine for working your legs. You can do squats and calf raises. You get all the benefits of doing barbell squats without having to worry about hurting yourself.

  • B2U - Dick's Sporting Goods Review
    I prefer this bike over my $2000 bike I have in my home and league gym. Its the queitest and most comfortable bike I have ever rode. When I go to sleep at night I sometimes dream that Im riding it, and when I wake up in the morning its the first thing I think about. I ride is approx. 3-5hrs each and every day.

  • PVKC83X - Review
    It took only about 45 minutes to assemble this aparatus that provides great abdominal, shoulder, arm, chest and torso strengthening exercises. One of the most simple yet effective training tools you can have.

  • BFAB20 Dick's Sporting Goods Review
    I bought it for my dad and i use it more than him. I love it. I have noticed abs are flatter and it works lower and upper abs.

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