Pro ClubLine Dumbbell Racks

Perfect for the storage needs of any facility, the new SDKR1000DB dumbbell racks offers unparalleled flexibility for storage of Hexagon or Round Dumbbells. Available with 2 or 3 tiers.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are building a rack using components, the SDKRDBL large dumbbell tray can only fit on the bottom tier. It cannot fit on the top tiers of these racks.



SDKR500DB Pro ClubLine Dumbbell Racks2-Tier PCL Dumbbell Rack (SDKR500DB) $987.00 Request a Quote
SDKR1000DB Pro ClubLine Dumbbell Racks3-Tier PCL Dumbbell Rack (SDKR1000DB) $1,417.00 Request a Quote
SDKR Small Dumbbell Shelf (SDKRDBS) $266.00 Request a Quote
SDKR Large Dumbbell Shelf (SDKRDBL) $311.00 Request a Quote
SDKRUP2 Pro ClubLine Dumbbell RacksSDKR 2-Tier Upright (SDKRUP2) $285.00 Request a Quote
SDKRUP Pro ClubLine Dumbbell RacksSDKR 3-Tier Upright (SDKRUP) $392.00 Request a Quote
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