HP10 Premium Weight Stack Plate
In commemoration of Body-Solid’s 25th anniversary, we’re pleased to announce a brand-new high-end premium weight stack plate
MB229A Aluminum Revolving Curl Bar
The Body-Solid Tools MB229A Aluminum Curl Bar attaches to any home gym or cable/pulley-based weight machine and helps you perform curls and numerous other exercises.
MB100A Aluminum Double Swivel Bar
The Body-Solid Tools MB100A Aluminum Double Swivel attaches to dual-cable functional trainers connecting to both weight stacks for smooth, unilateral movements.
MB148A Aluminum Lat Bar
The Body-Solid Tools MB148A Aluminum Lat Bar attaches to any pulley or cable weight machine and is ideal for several lat and upper body focused exercises like lat pulldowns, straight arm pulldowns and more.
NB59A Aluminum Nylon Handle
The Body-Solid NB59A Aluminum Stirrup Handle is designed for use on pulley, cable or selectorized weight stack-based fitness equipment allowing users to perform several single or two-handed resistance exercises including presses, crossovers, pulldowns, rows, delt raises and more.
MB022A Aluminum Revolving Straight Bar
Triceps press downs, straight bar curls, upright rows, arm pullovers and much more
GDCCBAR GDCC Bar Attachment
Assists with Press Exercises on the GDCC Trainers...
GDCCRACK GDCC Accessory Rack
Mounts to a GDCC Trainer for storing accessories...
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