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  • Complete and total satisfaction
  • After deciding to purchase weight training equipment for my home, I began to research such systems as SoloFlex and BowFlex on the web. During my research, I came across the Body-Solid line. After considering the advantage of using actual weights instead of resistance from elastic bands or other means, I purchased the EXM1500S. I wanted to express my complete and total satisfaction with your product and to congratulate you on delivering a quality item at a reasonable price. Those ideals have become somewhat uncommon in today's marketplace, so it's refreshing to have a satisfying buying experience. I've used my gym for several weeks now and I'm completely happy! Joe Santangelo Johnstown, NY
  • The way shopping online should be.
  • The way shopping online should be. I recently ordered the EXM1500S from you. I would just like to say that I was very impressed with everything about the order. It came in the time frame you said. There was nothing missing. There were no hidden charges. The price was the best I could find on the internet. I assembled it and it works great, just like Consumer Reports said it would. Michael Mistretta via email A refreshing experience.
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