It has some flaws that can be dangerous
  • I've had this bench for over 9 years and it served it's purpose. As of recent I noticed the pin used to adjust the seat height is not secure and it slips through the holding holes easily; especially if your workout gets really intense and you start shooting for high reps. I tried to modify by pushing the bar of holes closer to the base of the bench but that didn't help and I don't want to compromise the stability of the bench. If you use this bench as a "once in awhile" bench I think you'll be fine, but if you workout 4-5 times a week it may be annoying having to monitor if the seat is going to slip from under you while doing a shoulder press or incline dumbbell press.
  • the best bench dollar for dollar
  • I've had many benches through the years by York, Weider, Northern Lights and I got rid of all of them when I got this one. The design details are simply better making it more useful for me. It's solid in all positions, the padding is neither too soft nor too firm and the cover is first rate in quality and durability. I especially like the fact that the base pad can be adjusted to keep the angle at 90 degrees with the upper pad. That means less back strain when doing inclines. It's one of the only benches in this price range to have this feature. Most benches lower pads simply don't go high enough. I've had mine for about 5 years now and it still looks new. If you are looking for a sturdy bench for a rack system at home, you won't find anything better in this price range. No need to look elsewhere.
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