Great for certain exercises, but a few weaknesses
  • I've owned this attachment for my GDCC200 cross-functional trainer for about a year. It enables many exercises (e.g., lat pulls, barbell curls, rows, squats, deadlifts, shoulder shrugs, etc.) that otherwise can't be done with the machine. The bar is very solid/good quality. My only two gripes are 1) the stitching in the straps that secures the attachment rings tears over time, and 2) the bar is not wide enough when the ring attachment closest to the bar is used to secure the bar to the machine (I think the bar length was designed with the narrower GDCC200 model in mind). Both of these issues lead to premature wearing of the straps. So why a four-star review...? Because one call to Body Solid's customer service center and they are sending new straps via their incredible lifetime warranty!

    The only exercise that I've found a little misleading in the advertisements (not the bar's fault, but rather a limitation of the CFT's design) is squats. It's simply unrealistic to start a squat with any significant weight in the fully tucked position necessary to put the bar on your shoulders/back with the pulleys near the floor to create vertical resistance (free-weight and machine squats all begin with one standing upright). But otherwise, all exercises are as you'd imagine/as-advertised.

    I do love this attachment and use it regularly. If the stitching was stronger and the bar was a few inches wider, I'd give it four stars, but given the lifetime warranty, I'm not terribly concerned and would highly recommend this accessory to others.
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