Tech Specs

  • Durable rubber construction.
  •  Adjustable air pressure.
  • Textured surface for secure grip.

MODEL                      WEIGHT                    COLOR                    DIA.

BSTMB2                      2lbs.                            Purple                 7.5 in.

BSTMB4                      4lbs.                            Yellow                 7.75 in.

BSTMB6                      6lbs.                            Aqua                    8.5 in.

BSTMB8                      8lbs.                            Red                     8.75 in.

BSTMB10                    10lbs.                          Blue                    9.0 in.

BSTMB12                    12lbs.                          Black                   9.5 in.

BSTMB14                    14lbs.                          Orange               9.75 in.

BSTMB16                    16lbs.                          Green                 10.0 in.
BSTMB20                    20lbs.                         Dark Blue           10.5 in.
BSTMB25                    25lbs.                           Black                 10.75 in.
BSTMB30                    30lbs.                            Black                11.0 in.
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