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What Happens When You Reverse Your Bench Press Grip?
Posted by Body-Solid in Built For Life Blog on 2/19/2013
The bench press is a fundamental upper body exercise that produces growth, strength and muscle density. But what happens when you reverse your grip?
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How Much Should You Work Out?
Posted by Body-Solid in Built For Life Blog on 1/11/2013
Exercise volume is one of the most critical components of training. It is a central tenet of mine that exercising at the highest volume from which you can recover is the best way to prepare for sport or to lift in the gym. The key to being a good coach or a good athlete is figuring out where your particular groove is. Find out how much you can handle, work in that range, and get the best results you can. Improve how much you can handle, and your results will be even better.
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How to Increase Volume Without Overtraining
Posted by Body-Solid in Built For Life Blog on 12/17/2012
If you’re struggling to gain size and strength it’s highly likely that you’re just doing too much total work each week.
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Posted by Body-Solid in Built For Life Blog on 12/3/2012

Jim Smith and the folks over at Diesel Strength & Conditioning have come up with some great ways to extend the use of a treadmill for pre-training or post-workout conditioning with Lunges, Pikes and Bear Crawls. Change elevation or speed, add a weight vest or some workout bands and you have some truly impressive conditioning exercises. These are fantastic ways to get more out of your treadmill than just running or jogging.
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Choose Your Workout Buddy Wisely
Posted by Body-Solid in Built For Life Blog on 11/30/2012
How To Burn More Calories? Choose Your Workout Buddy Wisely, Study Says
Who you choose as a workout buddy could determine how effective your exercise will be. Researchers determined that young women who trained with a teammate they perceived to be a better performer were able to quadruple their workout time and intensity.
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