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Posted by Body-Solid in Built For Life Blog on 2/6/2014 at 12:00 AM

How to Workout Like an Olympic Champion — The Full Body Workout You Need to Start Doing NOW 

The winter Olympic games are upon us and as we see one chiseled athlete after another competing at what they do best it makes me want to reiterate to the fitness community what it really takes to have well defined muscles and slim waistline. 

I see one fitness blogger after another writing workout plans that tell you do hit the weights and do three sets of legs on one day, and three sets of another body part on another day.  The truth is getting a chiseled body doesn’t come with spending 15 minutes working out one or two body parts a day in the gym. 

Aside from eating healthy, you need to stimulate all the muscles in your body 3 times a week. A full body workout is especially useful for you 8-5ers who sit in an office all day waiting for that time you get to go to the gym to release energy.  Follow my 3 day full body workout routine below to ensure you hit all the right muscle groups in the right sequence.  

Each workout should take 45 minutes to complete — if it takes longer then you’re waiting too long in between sets. There is a science behind both the rep count and the order of the exercises. If possible, don’t change the order of the exercises.  On the last rep of each set, you should be struggling to lift the weight, if you didn’t struggle, increase the weight the next set. 

I know what you’re thinking, if I am doing a high volume of reps, shouldn’t I lift lighter weights?  Typically yes, but this isn’t your typical routine.  This routine will change the appearance of your body by hitting all the muscle groups HARD for the entire week.  After three exercises you will drop 5 Strength Stack bodyweight fitness cards. This will keep your heart rate up and stimulate even more muscle growth.  Do this routine for one month and you’ll notice a difference in your physique. 

The Olympic Champion 3 Day/Week Full Body Workout


Exercise Sets Reps
Squat 3 15
Leg curl 3 12
Bench press 3 15
Draw 5 Strength Stack 52 Cards    
Pull Up 3 12
Upright Row 2 12
Barbell shrug 2 12
Draw 5 Strength Stack 52 Cards    
Skull crusher 2 12
Barbell curl 2 12
Ab exercise 2 25


Exercise Sets Reps
Deadlift 3 15
Leg extension 3 12
Calf raise 2 12
Draw 5 Strength Stack 52 cards    
Bench press 3 15
Military press 3 15
Tricep extension 2 12
Draw 5 Strength Stack 52 cards    
Concentration curl 2 12
Lat pulldowns 2 12
Ab exercise 2 25


Exercise Sets Reps
Leg press 3 15
Deadlift 3 15
Barbell row 2 12
Draw 5 Strength Stack 52 cards    
Incline press 3 15
Side lateral raise 2 12
Close grip bench press 2 12
Draw 5 Strength Stack 52 cards    
Cable bicep curls 2 12
Shrug 2 12
Ab exercise 2 25

This article was written by fitness expert Sergeant Michael Volkin. Check out his Periodic Table of Bodyweight Exercises infographic. 

photo credit: The U.S. Army via photopin cc



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