Get pumped for a smooth, dual-action workout

Greater muscular involvement with less perceived exertion; that was the goal when Endurance set out to design a line of commercial quality elliptical cross-trainers with a compact design and an affordable price for in-home workout enthusiasts.

With a longer 18.5" leg and hand stride than our E5 elliptical and electronically governed resistance based upon your heart rate, the Endurance E7HRC allows you to go to greater lengths to achieve your optimal workout. Our patented elliptical motion provides smooth, ergonomically correct motion, making the Endurance E7HRC an ideal machine that combines a weight-bearing exercise with a non-impact cardio workout.

With electronic Heart Rate Control monitoring your progress and delivering the appropriate challenge, you'll acheive your peak cardio goals in the most efficient workout possible. Get pumped for varied workouts that include four heart rate programs: HR fat burn, HR Cardio, HR Interval and HR Hills. The Endurance E7HRC's six main programs include Random, Fat Burn, Interval, Hills, Weight Loss and Manual settings.

You'll also maintain correct posture as you grip the ergonomically designed SynchroStride arms to burn calories faster and with less perceived exertion than with any other type of equipment.

The Endurance E7HRC also features a large, multi-function data display. With four input categories, including Program Level, Time, Weight and Age, you'll be able to set and monitor your workout to keep pace with an optimal level of fitness. The Endurance E7HRC provides you with six motivating feedback categories: Calories Per Hour, Heart Rate, Speed, Average Speed, RPM and Distance.

Best of all, you'll get a quiet, convenient workout in the comfort of your own home. The Endurance E7HRC is commercially engineered and solidly built to provide you with a lifetime of affordable, exhilarating workouts.

Try to find a better elliptical cross-trainer or a more comfortably efficient workout, and you'll end up at the health club. Whether your goal is weight loss, cardio fitness or endurance training, you'll hit your stride faster with the Endurance E7HRC.

Put your heart inot every workout with the Endurance E7HRC!

Endurance ellipticals are built to perform to the scrutinizing standards of commercial health club equipment. Compare the features of the Endurance E7HRC, and you'll discover how quality components, precision engineering, state-of-the-art electronics and the best warranty in the industry combine to make Endurance the premier name in home cardio fitness.

  • Heavy Gauge Welded Steel Construction. The Endurance E7HRC boasts a beautiful silver metallic coat finish on a frame designed to accommodate up to a 275-pound user.
  • Comfortable, Posture-Perfect Design. SynchroStride arms move in tandem with the smooth elliptical motion of the extra large pedals, providing you with a weight bearing, no impact exercise for excellent cardio workouts.
  • Quiet Performance. The 15 lb. precision balanced flywheel means the Endurance E7HRC will take you for a smooth quiet ride for years to come.
  • Compact Platform (30"w x 56"d x 66"h) and front drive system assure stable workouts in about half the space of comparable elliptical trainers.
  • Large, Easy to View Readout lets you monitor 5 functional data displays and requires just 2 AA batteries.
  • Chest Strap offers convenient, comfortable heart rate control without ever breaking the rhythm of your workout.
  • Rollaway Convenience. Front transport wheels allow you to roll the Endurance E7HRC to a convenient corner or out-of-the-way area of your home
  • Minimal assembly requirements mean you'll be ready in minutes to walk up, get on and get fit!


The advantages of using the Endurance E7HRC.

The Endurance E7HRC features electronic Heart Rate Control to monitor your progress and deliver the optimum challenge to meet the goals of your programmed workout. You'll acheive your peak cardio goals in the most efficient workout possible.

From beginning exercise enthusiasts to experienced athletes, its smooth, elliptical motion and 18.5" stride length ensure a natural method of accomplishing weight-bearing exercise in a non-impact workout.

  • 18.5" Stride Length elongates your performance and maximizes the efficiency of your workout.
  • Electronic Heart Rate Control with Chest Strap challenges you by constantly monitoring your progress and delivering variable resistance as you progress through your programmed regimen of four heart rate programs (HR Fat Burn, HR Cardio, HR Interval & HR Hills) without breaking the smooth, dual-action motion of your workout.
  • 6 Main Programs add diversity to your workouts and include Random, Fat Burn, Interval, Hills, Weight Loss and Manual settings.
  • 6 Feedback Categories enable you to monitor Calories Per Hour, Heart Rate, Speed, Average Speed, RPM and Distance.
  • Large, easy-to-view LED readout enables you to monitor data based upon your selection from four input categories for Program Level, Time, Weight and Age.
  • SynchroStride arms have been ergonomically designed to ensure you maintain proper posture as you exercise and providing you with dual action, upper body movement.
  • Patented linkage provides true elliptical motion and an unintimidating approach to home cardio fitness.
  • Precision-balanced 15 lb. flywheel ensures quiet operation and fluid motion.
  • Extra large pedals have a non-skid surface and adjust to accommodate users up to 275 lbs.
  • Space-efficient design offers a small footprint and rollaway convenience that fits easily into most any home.

Why Buy

Reasons for choosing the Endurance E7HRC

Elliptical fitness cross trainers have become the most popular trend in the fitness industry, because they work your muscles in more diverse ways than running or cycling. There are no routines to learn and no courses to map out. You simply step on, grab hold and begin taking strides towards cardio fitness. Best of all, you get all the benefits of a weight-bearing exercise in a no-impact workout.

The Endurance E7HRC goes a giant step further at delivering an optimum cardiovascular workout with its 18.5" stride length. Plus, with electronic Heart Rate Control governing resistance levels throughout your workout, you'll be challenged to acheive your fitness goals efficientyly and effectively every time.

Built to the demanding standards of commercial health clubs, this machine offers a solid choice for those looking to lose weight, gain muscle tone and achieve cardio fitness in the comfort and convenience of their own homes.

With its elegant metallic powdercoat finish, quiet, precision-balanced flywheel and state-of-the-art electronic heart rate control, the Endurance E7HRC takes optimum physical conditioning and sets it in motion. Plus, with all the features and benefits solidly built into every Endurance elliptical cross trainer, you'll be making a wise, long-term commitment to health and cardio fitness.

Put fluid fitness in motion with Endurance

Smart investments pay dividends for a long time. Buying and using an elliptical cross-trainer can be an excellent way to strengthen your cardiovascular system, manage your weight and burn calories. However, all ellipticals are not created equal.

To ensure you make a smart decision, make sure you buy a sturdy, strong, well-made machine. An authorized Endurance retailer or knowledgeable fitness expert will be able to provide you with many good, solid reasons to consider the Endurance E7HRC over many higher priced brands used in professional health clubs.

  • Lasting Endurance. Our exclusive lifetime, in-home warranty provides 100% coverage for every part on every Endurance machine, including normal wear items. Forever... period.
  • Stringent Standards. Endurance cardio equipment is solidly built in our state-of-the-art ISO9000:2000-certified manufacturing facility, recognized around the world as a sign of product excellence.
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