WSP200 200 Lb. Premium Weight Stack
Premium Weight Stack upgrade for all Pro•Dual Machines and Components
GLA378 Lat Attachment for Pro Power Rack
Transform your Body-Solid Power Rack into a multi-workout machine
SCB26 Calf Squat Block
Combination squat platform and calf block that helps maximize return
TBR20 Pivoting T-Bar Row Platform
Now anyone with a weight set can make their own T-Bar Row Machine. It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s strong. And it’s not expensive
SCB26 Calf Squat Block
Combination squat platform and calf block that helps maximize return
SR-CB Cannonball Grips
Grip strength is often overlooked in strength training, but it is a critical aspect to increase performance of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Body-Solid’s new SR-CB Cannonball Chin-Up Grips provide several ways to increase grip strength.
DR378 Dip Attachment (for GPR378 Power Rack)
The DR378 optional dip attachment lets you transform your GPR378 Body Solid power rack into an amazing dip station
LO378 Bar Lift Offs
Boasting a heavy-duty steel construction, Body-Solid’s LO378 lift-offs mount securely to the Body-Solid GPR378 Power Rack. This extra pair of Lift-offs make your workouts more efficient than ever in helping unloading weights off the bar both easily and effectively. Additionally, the LO378 lift-offs allow you to set up bars for a number of different routines including squats, rows, curls and more.
SP200 Premium 200 lb Weight Stack
Add color to your gym with Body-Solid’s SP200 premium red weight stack. This set features twenty 10 lb. plates with our premium red powder coat finish. Not only aesthetically pleasing, high-quality machined steel makes these plates our strongest yet. The SP200 is compatible with all existing Body-Solid cast iron weight stack equipment.
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