The Body-Solid Econo Leg offers you an affordable add-on for any G-Series gym. Designed to reduce spinal compression while allowing full range of motion in a natural and biomechanically efficient movement, this hard-working leg press will help you strengthen your gluteus, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves. Put a little extra effort into your workout, and it will also work your cardiovascular system and help you burn fat.

Backed by the best warranty in the business, The Body-Solid Econo Leg Press offers high quality, high-value and features you would expect to find on a much more expensive machine.

  • Affordable add-on to all Body-Solid G-Series Gyms.
  • Extra thick and durable DuraFirm™ seat pads are adjustable to ensure a comfortable workout for any size user.
  • Provides maximum user comfort by positioning and stabilizing the lower back.
  • Sturdy steel frame delivers a solid performance day after day.
  • Backed for a LIFETIME of use by the best warranty in the industry


Leg presses are ideal exercises for working your lower body without putting undue stress on knee and ankle joints or on the lower back. A leg press station offers numerous advantages over strenuous squats because the exercises can be done in a neutral spine position.

Body-Solid's Econo Leg Press is designed as a valuable add-on for all G-Series gyms at an affordable price. Lightweight and extremely easy to move and manipulate, the Econo Leg Press has a fully adjustable DuraFirm™ back pad. Its advanced engineering allows full range-of-motion in a natural biomechanical movement. Add a complete leg and calf workout to your routine, and start building:

  • Powerful Quads
  • Tightened Glutes
  • Strong Calves
  • Stable Knee and Ankle Joints

Why Buy?

Start with the basics. Incorporating leg press reps into your workout routine will help you build overall lower body strength from a stable, seated position. Because no weight is supported through your back, these exercises can be ideal for those with lower back problems or who lack the core strength to handle heavy squats.

Finish with the facts. The Body-Solid Econo Leg Press is designed to be used in conjunction with G-Series gyms. An affordable addition to your home gym, it's built for safety, comfort and exercise variation, so get G-Serious with your workouts, and start building more muscular legs and stronger knee joints.

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